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MediaWala Festival

Is architecture the oldest form of media? Is 'content' an appropriate object for design? How can traditional disciplines of design inform the design of credit, electricity, access, flavor and love?

These are some of the questions that MediaWalas from around the world will not be asking at the world's first MediaWala Festival in New Delhi from March 1 to March 4. Instead, they will build, perform and hang out with each other in a spirit of play.

The festival takes place over the first two days of March in New Delhi. It starts off with the Night of the Media Carts on March 1st at the Global Arts Village followed by the MediaWala Seminar on March 2nd at the British Council auditorium.

MWF is enabled by the the Center for Knowledge Societies and the Pixelache festival of electronic arts.

Cartistic Director Zeenath Hasan Co-Cartographer Juha Huuskonen Concept Carchitect Dr. Aditya Dev Sood

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Night of the Media Carts

Thursday, 1st March 2007
7 pm to 10:30 pm
Global Arts Village
Utsav Mandir Foundation
Tropical Drive, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Gittorni
New Delhi 110 030
(venue URL:

Night of the Media Carts is a mobile and interactive installation of diverse forms of media on hand-pushed carts and pedalled bicycles offering sound, light, food, energy and information for sensorial engagement. Artists and designers from around the world will be involved in constructing, installing and performing with these carts.

The carts are:

- Streetfood Radiothela by foodradio_network (India)
- Quicksand presents in technicolor... by Quicksand (India)
- Apsara VJ Thela by Mo Ling Chui (Canada/ China)
- Ride-on-Dinner by Mick Douglas and team (Australia/ India)
- Dancing Around Trees by Keity Anjoure (France) and Ville Hyvönen (Finland)
- Zara Zor Lagake, Haiya! by Karthikeya Acharya and Vinay Silva (India)
- Toploaded Whirlpool of Lassi by Hari Nair and Team (India)
- Chandni Bar by Seagrams (India)
- McVideogame by La Molleindustria (Italy)
- Emotions in Man by Kati Aberg (Finland)
- Algorithmic Poetry by Le Ciel Est Bleu (France)
- Squishing it into the Slimy Depths of the Tethys Sea by Abhishek Hazra (India)
- Hawker Caterers Inc by Ghitorni street food hawkers (India)

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MediaWala Seminar

Friday, 2nd March 2007
2 pm to 6 pm
British Council Auditorium
17 Kasturbha Gandhi Marg
New Delhi 110 001

The MediaWala Seminar invites media artists to present their works as a leader to discussions on how artists should think about mobile and other forms of ubiquitous media as a material and topic for artistic work.

Presentations can take between 1 to 20 minutes:

- Aditya Dev Sood: MediaWala
- Zeenath Hasan: Alma Matter
- Juha Huuskonen & Ville Hyvönen: Peer to peer
- La Molleindustria: McVideogames 
- Abhishek Hazra: Or How John Stuart Forgot his Bonhomie on a Differential Treadmill
- Suresh Chande: Designing sustainable solutions - with Fading Technology to the background
- Quicksand: Quicksand presents in technicolor ...
- Keity Anjoure: Multimedia and Interactivity
- Mick Douglas: Cultural transport and an art of journeys
- Mo-Ling Chui: Asian Transcience and Identity
- Karthikeya Acharya and Vinay Silva: Karnataka Express
- Stefan Magdalinski:
- Garrick Jones and Debra Solomon: D9 Round Tables

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About the MediaWalas

We celebrate and play with all forms of sensory media. We are MediaWalas.


Kati Åberg
EMOTIONS IN MAN is a light-hearted, interactive dance piece on DVD.

The viewer participates in the piece by deciding, which of five basic emotions joy, sorrow, anger, love or fear to give to the dancer. There are also many levels of intensity for each emotion. Should one give the dancer more and more sorrow, or suddenly plunge him into the throes of love? The viewer’s decisions determine how the piece evolves.

The viewer must participate in the piece. If she/he does not make a choice about the dancer’s emotions, the dancer gets fed up, leaves the screen and so the piece ends.
The choreography and dance are by Jyrki Karttunen and the music by Anna-Kaisa Liedes.

Shall we dance?

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Keity Anjoure
This young French choreographer has both backgrounds in traditional Indian arts (dance and martial arts) & contemporary dance. She is developing her work with multimedia, that she began to discover during different dance teaching experiences she had in Paris and New York. Now her work is questioning performing art, research and pedagogy. During her residency in India, Keity Anjoure is exploring with classical and traditional dancers, yoga masters and Indian contemporary artists, symbolic, energetic, emotional values of "Mudras", symbols of the hand gestures in Indian dance. At a moment when contemporary body is adorned with a plethora of information and cartographies, Keity Anjoure is connecting multimedia and interactivity, with those ubiquitous Asian signs which have unfolding, from immemorial times, energetic fluxes of the body and their influence on the close environment.

DANCING AROUND TREES The trees in Puddukupam have clothbags hanging from their branches. Ask the inhabitants of this small village near Pondicherry about the content of those bags and they will reply that it holds the placenta of goats and cows, a custom to to help increase the fertility of their animals. Earlier, the clothbags would contain placenta from a human birth mixed with herbs. But with women delivering in the hospitals nowadays, the placenta is out of bounds. Dancing around trees can be taken as being weird, intriguing, useless ... that's the purpose of a dance.

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Karthikeya Acharya
involves himself designing the dynamics of self-governing sustainable systems. His graduate work explored the feasibility of recyclable housing for communities in transit such as the iron ore mine workers, in South India. He was involved in the field-work and related documentation of media practices, for the Used in India project, with CKS, India. He was also the assistant curator for the Used in India installation at the British Council and Doors 8 conference, New Delhi; Pixelache05, Helsinki and at Bombayseers 06, Lille. His inbetweeness is spent taking obscure pictures of people and things around him when on walks, in touristically corrupt and non corrupt environments. Karthikeya Acharya has a degree in architecture from Manipal faculty of architecture, India and a masters degree in interactive design from Domus Academy + Interaction Design Institute in Milan, Italy.

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Le Ciel Est Bleu


Suresh Chande
Suresh Chande, Senior Manager, Technology Strategy works at Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, Finland. He has been responsible for technology strategy exercise within Nokia Research and in Corporate Strategy has been particulary involved in analyzing the key mobile industry trends. In Nokia research Suresh focuses on technology research different areas of mobilizing businesses in Enterprises. Suresh is also Nokia’s India university Co-operation representative.

Suresh Chande has his Masters in Information technology from RMIT, Melbourne, Australia and Bachelors in Computer Science from Bangalore University.

Suresh Chande will speak on the topic: “Designing sustainable solutions - with Fading Technology to the background”: This talk will discuss steps and approaches to apply current Trends  to design and develop sustainable solutions for human use.


Mo-Ling Chui
Mo-Ling Chui is a Chinese Canadian media artist, director, experience designer,
curator and educator now based out of Beijing, Phnom Penh, London UK and Vancouver Canada. Since graduating with an MA Interactive Media from the London College of Communication in 2002 she has been working on diverse projects and freelancing as MCDC (media culture design corp.) Caught between the commercial and media art worlds, East and West, she often explores themes of cross-cultural identities, intergenerationality, embodiment and postmodernity in the context of
rapidly changing hypermediatised Asian urban societies.

Recently Mo-Ling has collaborated on multimedia stage performances and created live video designed environments with South Asian performing artists; she worked on an the innovative Future Something research project (NESTA and Goldsmiths) mentoring young people in interaction design skills; and last month was involved in a group show of Chinese and Cambodian women artists exhibiting the first in her video installation series 'Accidental Oriental'. Currently she is working in Beijing, China as an art director and brand experience designer.

Mo-Ling comes to the Mediawalla festival to create a site-specific media performance entitled Apsara VJ Thela as part of a mobile media procession at Global Arts Village on March 1st for the opening of Doors of Perception 9: Juice: food, fuel, meaning. The piece is inspired by visual and material cultures of India, China, and Indochine (Cambodia) especially regarding love (wedding rituals) and the feminine sacred.
google me: Mo-Ling Chui

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Mick Douglas
is an Australian artist, senior lecturer at RMIT University and founder of who makes hybrid-artform public domain projects that are collaborative, cross-cultural and transportative. For the cultural festival of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games he collaborated with Pakistani vehicle decorators to make 'W-11 Tram' – a project that transformed the experience of a journey by tram, now undertaking its second season in Melbourne under popular demand. Recent experimental projects include 'Ride-on-Dinner' - a participatory performance project involving host artists serving up a 3-course slow-food meal to a swarm of cyclists over the duration of evening cycle rides. A book documenting his ten-year collaborative project 'tramjatra: imagining Melbourne and Kolkata by tramways' was recently published in South Asia by Yoda Press.

For the Doors of Perception / MediaWala Festival he hopes to collaborate with others to develop a food and human energy event that explores relationships between transport, energy, food, local knowledge and practices of social conviviality.

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Garrick Jones
(UK, Ludic Corp), is on the programming team of Doors 9, where his main job is to orchestrate the Project Leaders Round Table. A musician and composer, based in London, he is also Visiting Fellow in the Institute of Social Psychology at London School of Economics.

Garrick is particularly experienced in working with organisations on innovation strategies using collaborative learning and design. He has worked with teams to develop and launch collaborative environments in Europe, Africa, the United States and Asia. His research is focused on large-scale group decision support systems, innovation and creativity in organisations, culture and education.



presents 'live_feed : Delhi Belly' from MediaWala Festival as the culmination of a two day workshop with local / international / remote participants exploring the taste, the smell, the sound and the culture and politics of streetfood. Radio foodies and remote snack surfers take to the streets amidst current debates about street sustinence and contested urban space… come and listen to the food on the street!

foodradio_network is an open and variable network of broadcasters and foodsters exploring the culture, politics and creativity of food as a medium and a metaphor for experiments in participatory and collaborative live radio. They regularly dish up aural appetisers on their show live_feed which plays on free103point9 online radio. live_feed @ MediaWalaFestival includes participants from Australia, India, Finland, America... and possibly also You!

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Hari Nair and Team
Hari Nair is practicing in Asia what he preached for many years in American academia, currently engaged in building the Asia Design Studios for Whirlpool Corporation from the ground up attracting extraordinary talent from India, China and the rest of the world. The Global Consumer Design Studios based in New Delhi and Shanghai gives shape to products with innate sensitivity to the needs of the Asia region finding fitting solutions to local needs through innovation and improvisation.

Sumit Singh and Aparna Unnikrishnan are designers at GCD Asia, both graduates of the National Institute of Design with a penchant for the cross over between art and technology. The “Top Loaded Whirlpool of Lassi” is a commentary on the serendipitous interplay between technology and local needs. The installation is inspired by the native ingenuity of the farmers of the region who has been using washing machines to mix an irresistible blend of the milk based drink, called “Lassi”, enjoyed by all especially in the Summer months.


Stefan Magdalinksi
reports himself to be a "very happy bunny indeed". As reported in the Guardian of 22 January, a freedom of information campaign by journalists across Europe has paid off in spectacular fashion.Over the next two years, a ground-breaking decision by the council of ministers and the European Parliament will result in the biggest release of information held by governments to the public and the media since the creation of the European Union. (Stefan was instrumental in the creation of which amplified the campaign to tremendous effect).



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La Molleindustria
is an Italian team of artist, designers and programmers that takes aim at starting a serious discussion about social and political implications of  videogames, involving media activists, net-artists, habitual players and videogames detractor. We chose to start from  online gaming in order to step over the mainstream distribution channels and avoid the lack of means. Using simple but sharp games we hope to give some starting point for a new generation of critical game developer and, above all, to test practices that can be easily emulated and virally diffused. The Italian version of has been online since December 2003, the "international" one since April 2004. So far we have published nine games (two of them are available only in Italian) and some web-based side project like, NetParade or

LEANDRO PISANO (b.1973) is a curator and critic who is involved in many projects and events regarding aesthetic side of new media and technologies. He is also spending most of his time and energy working on ICT development strategies for rural areas. Leandro is the initiator and general director of Interferenze new arts festival, taking place annually in South of Italy since 2003 and frequently he is involved in projects and events regarding electronic art, like Mediaterrae Vol.I (2007) and Digital Provinces (2005/2007), being also member of Pixelache Helsinki (festival for electronic art and subcultures) Advisory Board. He is also a journalist, collaborating with magazines like Blow-Up and Nero Magazine. He is actually involved in developing "naturalis electronica" theme, regarding how digital/technological worlds and infrastructures converge and diverge from the natural and organic. Leandro received his MSc degree with honors in Ancient Greek, Latin and Italian Literature from University of Naples, focusing his studies on digital philology, electronic teaching methodology and relationship between new media and classic disciplines. Actually he is the administrator and general director of Ufficio Bifolco, a little company working on integrated communication and marketing strategies for rural territory.


ALESSANDRO ESPOSITO (b.1976) is a project manager and designer, who received an MSc degree in Communication Sciences from University of Salerno, focusing his studies on remediation theory and generally on surviving and re-modellation media process referring to new technologies. Actually he is part of working panel for “naturalis electronica” theme, in which he cares about relationship between new technologies diffusion and ambient promotion.  Alessandro is co-founder and creative director of Interferenze new arts festival, and together with Leandro Pisano is working on production of events like Digital Provinces and Mediaterrae Vol. 1, developing ICT strategies for rural territories. He is actually the creative director of Ufficio Bifolco and the administrator and director of La Controra, a centre of monitoring and promotion for youth tourism in Naples.





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Zeenath Hasan
is an independent media practitioner living and working in Scandinavia. She mobilizes the artistic potential of normative media practices and is most comfortable when working at a site of confluence. She has received training in media studies at the Manipal Institute of Communication in Manipal and at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. At Doors 9, she adds  9 and 1 to produce one hell of a MediaWala Festival.



Abhishek Hazra
is a visual artist based in Bangalore. His current body of work explores the intersections between technology and culture through the narrative device of a 'visual fable'. He is also interested in the sociology of scientific practices. Abhishek writes occasionally on contemporary Indian art.  He can be contacted at


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Juha Huuskonen
is a media artist, software designer and curator who devotes most of his time and energy to develop cultural organisations and events. He is a founding member and chairman of media art collective, which received the Young Art in Finland Award in 1998. Juha also initiated the Pixelache festival for electronic art and subcultures, which takes place at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki annually. The MWF programme has Juha's curatorial blessings.





Ville Hyvönen
is a Finnish Video, and sound -designer working between Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia. He is also organizer of PixelACHE, festival of electronic art and subcultures.




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is a multi-disciplinary design studio that began in 2005 as a three member mix of a toy designer, brand manager and film-maker, in New Delhi. It is now a 10 person team with a new studio in Bangalore in January 2007. Active in the domains of product, communication, films and research, the greater agenda for Quicksand is to explore the variety and depth of creative collaborations. Some key projects for Quicksand have been for Coca Cola, design firm IDEO, India Today, Discovery Channel and Wipro. ( / Avinash is a toy designer from NIFT who now dabbles in spaces, films & communication design. He is great at making proposals.
Kapil is a film-maker and photographer with a background in theatre. He is also a musician with a sense of  ‘cool’. / Ayush is a graduate of the IIT & IIM, who left his banking job to pursue his interests in design. He does much, much more than the marketing and accounts. / Girish is a communication designer & artist from NID who wants to know & impact the ‘real’ India. / Neha is a product designer from NID. She has love for 'interestingness'. / Babitha is from the IIM Ahmedabad. She leads our Bangalore studio &  dreams of a book store + cafe + studio space. / Rituraj is a quiet sort of a guy with a crazy past. He works with films and motion graphics. / Akshar is a DJ who is quitting law school to pursue sound and film.  / Ayush Jr. is an animation graduate from NID. He is interested in using his skills for developmental and social work. / Tanushree is from the Srishti School, and is interested in the developmental domain.

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Debra Solomon


Vinay Silva
graduated as an architect from Manipal faculty of architecture, Manipal in 2002. When he isn’t playing the guitar, violin, flute or mouth organ, each at a time or three of these at a time he is seen carrying out experiments in photography, lighting, furniture and metal sculpture. He has traveled around India and says that this has molded his lifestyle and ways of thinking.


Dr. Aditya Dev Sood
is Founder and CEO of CKS. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Michigan, and received his two doctorates from the University of Chicago. A former Fulbright scholar, he maintains a multidisciplinary interest in social research, design, technology and education. The MWF concept was seeded from Aditya's wild oats.




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